Jun. 16th, 2006

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From AIM Chat:

Waren: *curious* Why would you go down on a guy?

Devin: *puzzled* Why would you go down on a girl?

Warren: *sputtery, blushy, and speechless*

Devin: I don't see the difference?

Warren: Taste?

Devin: *still confused* Yes, they taste different, so?

Warren: *also confused* So... It doesn't... *trying to find words* What turns you on about guys?

Journal continuation

Devin frowned thoughtfully, trying to think that through, to understand the thrust, no pun intended, of the question. "I'm attracted to beauty. To passion. To fire..." That got a slightly amused, if somewhat wry, smile. "I'm drawn to a person. Or at least that was how it started. I wanted to be around him, to bask in his creativity, his glow. And then when he touched me..." He shrugged a bit. "I felt. Things I didn't know it was possible to feel with a man."

He glanced at Warren, studying him. "I had always found men beautiful. The human body, both male and female, is an amazing thing. The inherent grace. The things it can do. But I didn't know what it would be like, and I was scared." He smiled, remembering. "But I liked it. A lot. I still do. I like the differences. Women are softness and curves, even in this day of sculpted muscles. Men all planes and angles. The things you can do with them are different. And I like the things I can do with men. I like the pleasure I can give and I like the pleasure I receive. To your original question...blow jobs are amazing to receive, and to give someone that sort of pleasure gives me pleasure. That pleasure is associated with the act now, and makes it something I want to do."


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