Mar. 28th, 2006

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It wasn't a home. Just a hotel room. But his things were scattered everywhere, and it had the look of a very well lived in hotel room despite the maids' best efforts. A nice hotel room, mind you. A desk, laptop almost carelessly askew on it. A large TV with all the necessary channels. Down comforter on the bed instead of the standard hotel bedroom, encased in velvet, a personal touch in an impersonal room. Toiletries were left out on the sink, though the maid had straightened them and given them a semblance of order.

Clothes were mostly hanging, but a pair of leather pants were slung across a chair, a silk shirt crumpled on the floor by the bed.

His guitar sat in the corner, propped against its case. Papers were all over the table, bits of lyrics, chords jotted down on them. Ballads, harder rock, blues, even a little country thrown in there. Songs about love, about loss, about life. Songs from the road, from what he'd seen. Passion flowing through each one, if you stopped to look. Not just bait. Him. Open, bare, vulnerable. If it served to draw them to him, all the better, but honesty in each note. Longing. Loneliness. Others with joy, but even they had a tinge of nostalgia to them.

He tossed his jacked over another chair, pulling her against him, hard and fast, and kissing her like he was starving.
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My little darling it's a crying shame
The way that you lead me on
And I've got nobody but myself to blame
Cause I've always just played along

Well show me a body that gets no love
And I'll show you a body that's way messed up
Well it seems like you're aware of the effect you have on my head

If you feel like I'm asking you for too much
We can keep in touch
And I'll find someone else to bed
Find some
Find someone else to bed

My little darling I'm a tangled mess
When you tease me the way you do
& what it would be like I can only guess
If you'd please me like I wanna please you

Well show me a friendship that's pure and chaste
And I'll show you and engine that's dying to race
Well the time has come for me to find
Another way to get my soul fed

I know we could be the sweetest friends
But if that's where it ends
I've got to find someone else to bed
Find some
Find someone else to bed
Find some
Find someone else to bed

Well the time has come for me
To take care of myself instead
You know if we remain
On a spiritual plane I will go insane
Don't make me find someone else to bed
Find someone
Find someone else to bed

Semisonic "Bed"


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