Jun. 22nd, 2006

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He wasn't accustomed to having coffee later with people he'd so thoroughly seduced, but then, she'd been nice to him before that and after that and didn't seem to be running away, ans she'd offered to let him talk and he'd already apparently told her about Warren, so that made her slightly safer to talk to than the redhead who he barely knew.

He called her and invited her for coffee. He arrived at Starbucks a little early, parking the bike, then fidgeting outside on the step while he waited for her. He lit up one of his clove cigarettes, moving away from the door to the ashtray a bit further down. People might have given him disapproving looks on his own account, but at least no one coughed pointedly at him.

He was still fidgety, but at least the nicotine helped a bit. And there would be coffee. Which might make him fidget more. But it would be good and she was a calming sort and he might not end up talking about Warren at all, really, even as VERY confusing as things were now.

He leaned against the wall and tried to make himself stop fidgeting, which got him looks from the Barbie clones who walked by, flashing him an inviting smile. Bike. Leather jacket. Sunglasses. Cigarette. Too pretty for words. It was what he used to get such creatures in his bed to give him what he needed, but he was too fixated on Warren to do more than just smile back at them with a nod.

Some things were instinctual.
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1. Had sex? Yes.
2. Had oral sex? Yes.
3. Used more than 3 positions in one session? Yes
4. Devoted a whole day to sex? Yes
5. Written an erotic story? Yes
6. Fallen or lost balance during sex? ...No.
7. Brought partner to climax using only hands? Yes.
8. Brought partner to climax using only mouth? Yes.
9. Had sex while totally dressed? Yes.
10. Had sex while standing up? Yes.
11. Used whipped cream/soft chocolate erotically? Yes.
12. Used ice erotically? Yes.
13. Had sex with someone 10 years older/younger than you? Yes.
14. Had sex with a teacher? Not one of my school teachers.
15. Had sex with someone you never spoke to/spoke different languages? Yes
16. Had a menage-a-trois? Yes
17. Had sex in a public place? Yes
18. If so, where? Park. London Underground. Club. Theater.
19. Had sex outdoors in broad daylight? Yes.
20. Had sex on the roof of a building? Yes
21. Are you a member of the mile high club? Yes.
22. Had sex outdoors at night? Yes.
23. Had sex in a dark theatre? Yes.
24. Had sex in the water? Yes.
25. Had sex in a store dressing room? No.
26. Showered with a partner? Yes.
27. Stripped for someone? Yes.
28. Played strip poker (or a similar game involving nudity)? Yes.
29. Role-played a sexual situation? Yes.
30. Used a blindfold during sex? Yes.
31. Used handcuffs during sex? Yes.
32. Used sex dice? *g* Yes.


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